Mobile responsive design webpages

All websites we create are mobile-friendly.

Mobile responsive websites are nowadays essential because more and more users are browsing the web using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). Mobile devices account for an average of 30-60% of web page visits. Based on Internet traffic statistics, more people today prefer surfing from mobile devices than from desktops or laptops. Do your potential customers also use their mobile and tablet devices for web browsing? If so, you should think about creating a mobile responsive website.

What does a responsive website mean?

Responsive and mobile homepage is a webpage that changes its size according to the user's device in order to make browsing as comfortable as possible. If you have visited non-optimized websites on your smartphone, you have certainly noticed how annoying it can be to zoom in and out to read and click on links normally. Customers prefer to read information and place orders on pages that they find most convenient to use.