Website Optimization - SEO

If your website's goal is to have more sales, you need more visitors. One of the most effective strategies for increasing visits is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Optimization helps to increase your site's visibility in search engines (Google, Net, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). 

Website optimization process

We use the following process for optimization work, which lasts 2 months or more:

  • current situation analysis,
  • defining keywords, search volumes and competition,
  • choosing keywords,
  • SEO work,
  • measurement and benchmarking of results,
  • SEO work,
  • measurement of results and benchmarking.

We guarantee a minimal improvement with 30% result - or money back

During all of our optimization projects, we have achieved good results and have been able to improve clients' pages visibility in Google search significantly. We also guarantee a MINIMUM 30% improvement in search results using keywords you choose, otherwise we will refund you.